Monday, February 12, 2007

Technology and Storytelling

Today I've been finding articles about the integration of storytelling and technology for delivery in K-8. This article and quote has started me thinking about whether I want to describe digital fluency as an outcome within a context while speaking of technology literacy as a means to that end.

The reading/language analogy that I'm toying with is that technology literacy (understanding Web 2.0 and the simple tools that are within the reach of the typical internet user, for example) is like learning the alphabet, phonics and syntax with digital fluency being the ability to use those tools to communicate at the inter- and intra- personal levels per Cavallo words below.

David Cavallo of M.I.T.’s Future of Learning Group adds:

"The idea of building technological fluency draws on the image of being fluent in a language. When one is fluent in a natural language, one can think, express, communicate, imagine and create with that language.

I plan to noodle over this some more to be sure I'm not just trying to split hairs over meaningless terms.

Article from David Huffaker - Spinning Yarns around the digital fire: Storytelling and dialogue among youth on the internet

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