Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Web 2.0 Tools - Office Experiment

Interesting post from London Region ICT Champion on a Web 2.0 tool experiment. The idea is to not use tools like Outlook or Excel but instead to only use online tools for the work one usually does in an office. This from the post:
"Monday 5 February I’ll be launching the ‘Web Office” experiment a 2 week trial of web 2.0 tools.
Inspired by IT Redux’s Office 2.0 and the Dot Organize ‘Organizer’s Toolcrib’ of online tools, the aim is to find out just how easy or hard it is to apply online tools to my everyday tasks. This means no more Outlook for email and calendar, Word or Excel as I’ll be using only online tools to do the same jobs."

These are the tools being used:
Web Office tools:

Address Book: Plaxo

Bookmarks: del.icio.us

Calculator: Google

Email: Gmail

Calendar: Google Calendar

Documents and Spreadsheets: Zoho

File Manager: Box.net

Images: Flickr

Personalised homepage: Google

RSS Reader: Google Reader

This would be an interesting experiment to repeat. I'm already use a couple of these (Google Reader, Flickr) and have a gmail account but am too lazy to figure out how to point my existing account into it so I don't have to notify people of my new address. Not familar with Zoho so will check that out.

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