Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sundays: Rest and Relax

Lots of cool stuff today - spam, celebrity culture and Dorothy Parker quotes, food blogs and a great photo from the World Press prize stories

Girl Posse - Lebanon war zone

Birdmonster- Reason to Read Your Spam

Sea Monkeys from the Gallery of the Absurd

Angelina Jolie Hands Free Multiple Child Carrier also from the Gallery of the Absurd

Dorothy Parker quotes

McCarthy's Mania - collection of black and white photos on Slate from the McCarthy era. This one is Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart, this one is Nixon and Khrushchev

Decided to add more food blogs to my feeds which of course, means I have 20 new recipes to try. The weather warmed up to the high 40s today and yesterday with sunshine. I figured out it is less that 60 days to the opening of the Farmer's Market... Can't wait.

Vanilla Beans from Smitten Kitchen

Found this book on deliciousday called a Tale of 12 Kitchens. Ordered from amazon along with this one deep smarts.

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