Friday, April 6, 2007

Sloodle - Moodle meets Second Life

I guess this would be considered a mashup of Second Life and an LMS although I think the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) acronym is more accurate.

Looking at the video, it feels pretty klugy. Pretty sure I'm missing something but not getting why I would want to post to a blog from inside Second Life unless it is the same need to capture content as being in a virtual meeting, back channeling in IM and then wanting to keep the conversation.

Anyway, something to check out. This link is to the wiki

This one is the home page


Jeremy "Kabumpo" Kemp said...

These are the low-hanging fruit - chat, blog, etc.

The key point is that there IS a portal for learning content from the Second Life databases to the Moodle database - AND BACK.

So that opens up ALL the modules written for Moodle to have a "metaverse" skin where flat learning content is walkable and manipulable in three dimensions.

The combination of motivating, immersive environments with structured teaching tools make this more than an edtech sideshow curiosity.

Klugy now - killer learning app soon.

judi said...

Thanks Jeremy for the clarification. You are right- the path is the thing - - not where it goes right now. I do hope it more than a edtech sideshow cause the need is pretty great from the sector I'm trying to move forward. To make flat content movable and to get the tacit knowledge out of people's heads would be a killer app.