Sunday, May 20, 2007

Data Mining, Data Visualization and Gaming

The first hurdle is to integrate the technologies and these two articles make it sound like we are picking up steam. The second hurdle is to reach people like Rodney Monroe on what data mining and integration can do for his responsibility area without providing everyone the face to face, one on one coaching he had. Or, if one-on-one coaching is the route we end up going, then the hurdle becomes helping get people comfortable with virtual coaching, collaboration and peer support.

Why Work Is Looking More Like a Video Game

Published: May 20, 2007
Software lets you build a dossier of your clients that includes photographs and lists of their likes, dislikes and buying interests.

Bright Ideas
Reaping Results: Data-Mining Goes Mainstream
Published: May 20, 2007
Programs add new streams of data — about neighborhood demographics and payday schedules, for example — to try to predict where crimes might occur.

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Faustino40 said...


This really get's the wheels turning again. We were talking about this stuff a couple months back. It would be interesting to brainstorm ideas like this for the healthcare industry. I think the ability to "visualize" data has a lot of promise. Where can we take this? How can we make something happen?

A long time ago I think I mentioned Edward Tufte. I can't remember if you checked him out. He has an amazing series of three books on information design. Here is a link. I'm so busy. I may have to just give you a call.