Sunday, July 15, 2007

from acm technews: IT Skills

12 IT Skills That Employers Can't Say No To

Computerworld (07/11/07) Brandel, Mary

A group of experts including Google engineering manager and founding member of ACM's professions and education boards Kevin Scott identify a dozen technology skills that are in high demand among companies. These skills include knowledge of machine learning applications, which Scott says is increasing the need for data mining, data structure, and statistical modeling skills; application mobilization, which is growing in importance as mobile devices gain value as business tools; wireless networking, which raises issues of security and integration, says CompTIA's Neill Hopkins;human-computer interaction or user interface design; "true" project management driven by bias against overbudget or failed projects; and basic networking. Network convergence technicians and open-source programmers are also becoming increasingly desirable, and enthusiasm for the first group is building because of companies' decision to deploy voice over IP, Hopkins says. Traction is gaining for business intelligence skills and a familiarity with BI technologies, says Sean Ebner of Spherion Pacific Enterprises. People who combine skills with languages such as C#, C++, Java, and .Net with the ability to lead a team or coordinate projects are in demand, as are people skilled in the installation and integration of
digital home technology products. Information Systems Security Association President Howard Schmidt calls attention to a growing emphasis on security skills and certification among all kinds of employers. "Everything I see in Silicon Valley is completely contrary to the assumption that programmers are a dying breed and being offshored," Scott says. "From big companies to startups, companies are hiring as aggressively as possible."

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