Monday, August 20, 2007

Why game creators need to open up their definition of games

Article from Ron Fahey on why the word game is likely to stay with the concept of interactivity.

This is not, before you roll your eyes and start skim-reading, about to turn into a lengthy argument for the dropping of the phrase "game" or "videogame" in favour of some new alternative which better describes the industry's products. Suggestions for a new, consumer-friendly name for interactive entertainment have been doing the rounds for over a decade, and they're all doomed to fail for one simple reason - everyone likes the word "game", even if it's not terribly accurate.

Besides, the accuracy doesn't matter; the word "game" is a label for interactivity, not a pigeon-hole which must be dispensed with because of its older connotations. After all, very few films are actually created using film any more, and there are a lot of novels which aren't exactly novel - the names remain, because they are intricately linked in people's minds with the class of entertainment they represent.

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